Thursday, August 30, 2012


My father was a brutal guy and he always expected us to do manual jobs after school. His thirsty for money was the source of unhappiness in our home. Being the first born, every one looked after me and I had the largest share of expectation from everybody. I never got time to write my term paper or essay and my essay was amongst the poorly written in the class. My teacher kept punishing me for writing my essay poorly and this affected me so much.
 I decided to talk to father about my declining school performance and the punishments I was getting when I did not write my term paper. I told him to give me at least one hour to write my term paper or essay whenever I had an assignment. At first he was reluctant and said I was becoming lazy and this was a way of evading my other duties. I decided to write my term paper and essay even if it meant that my father was to cane me. I had so much hope in my education and believed that it was through education that I was to be successful in the future. 
I used to pretend that I was doing my home duties and took time to write my term paper or essay. When others were asleep I remained awake to learn how to write my essay or to write my term paper if I had to. Life was not easy for me but I had to bear with it. My school performance improved and I was among the students who performed well in essay writing. I used to write my term paper well and I had few challenges when I had to write my term paper after my decision to learn.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Essay on Tobacco

Essay on tobacco will definitely talk about the negative consequences related to smocking tobacco. Such essays are considered to be expository essays which can be developed easily by freelance academic writers from Expository essays usually explain vividly about a particular phenomenon that has been an issue to the society at large. It is expected that every expository essay is supposed to have recommendations at the end of it. 
Tobacco as a hard drug has been on the limelight for several decades since its discovery. Though considered a luxurious product, the cheap version of it is highly harmful, both to the smoker and the individuals who surround him or her. Tobacco is highly not recommended to pregnant mothers especially after conception.
Tobacco is considered both as a carcinogen and a mutant. Its effects cannot be felt immediately but after long period of time, manifestation of various symptoms and signs may begin to appear. On the other side, tobacco has not been banned in various countries because of its economic importance. Tobacco is seen as a major economic player in export business and local consumption also boosts economy value of the country where the plant is grown and processed since the currency is circulated internally.
Essay on tobacco must therefore be developed by writers who are keen enough on research and are able to find and extract information about a phenomenon that hasn’t been written much about. Unlike alcohol where its consumption is restricted to particular age group, Consumption of tobacco is legal to everyone irrespective of the age.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Research Proposal

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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